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The Pet Mitt by Duramitt is the choice of animal lovers for bathing and grooming their pets. The massagers are designed to pamper pets with a gentle massage and to remove tangles without damaging their fur. At the same time, the latex mitt protects your hand from the effects of any harsh pet shampoo or powder. 

Model: Right Hand - One Size Fits All

  • Keeps Hands Clean and Dry
  • Latex Mitt with Rubber Massagers Attached 
  • Practical Comfortable and Durable
  • Ideal for Bathing and Grooming Pets 
  • Amazing Results
  • Gentle Deshedding Action 
  • Great for Dogs and Cats
  • 2 x The Pet Mitt for only $24.99

Care instructions: For longer life, rinse thoroughly and dry.

*Each single Pet Mitt purchase is normally $14.99 and shipping is $4.90 for orders under $49.00. 

`Buyer pays return freight. A full refund will be processed on receipt of the Pet Mitts