Shernbao Happy Paige Grooming Dryer 1800W White


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Portable, compact and easy to transport and store. Equipped with additional heating unit, Shernbao Dryer's are a versatile combination blaster and dryer.

  • Unbeatable large air volume and blow force, reducing the drying time by over 60% compared to traditional handheld hair dryers and saving you precious time while making your pet more comfortable.
  • 2 temperature setting types of the normal temperature and the unique 27.2 celsius to 71.1 celsius (81F to 160F) constant temperature which quickly dries the hair of your pets and protects it from damages at the same time.
  • Stepless adjustable airflow speed producing 4921FPM-59000FPM fpm of airflow. The variable speed feature provides infinite control over noise level and airflow when grooming noise-sensitive dogs.
  • Equipped 3m/10ft. flexible Hose with 3 different nozzles and 2 air filter.

Unit comes with 12 months warranty and the manufacturer recommends a service every 12 months to manitain the carbon brushes if the unit is used in a commercial environment.

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