Save the Bees Kit

Life Cykel


It's time to Save the Bees!

Many studies suggest if the bees disappeared off the face of the planet, humankind as we know it would only have approximately four years left to live. The key reason is bees are pollinators in our ecosystem which in turn greats food for just about everything living on planet earth.

Grow food for our Bees with this Home Grown Pollination Kit!

Attracting bees to your garden will not only help save the bees and planet earth, the bees will help pollinate your fruit trees, plants and flowers - It really is time to Save the Bees!

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2 varieties of seeds - Borage and Alyssum
  • Coffee compost mix - Recycled form cafes 
  • Ready to grow recycled coffee cups 

Borage and Alyssum flowering plants have been selected as they attract and feed bees and the blossoms are beautiful. These flowering plants are not demanding to look after and would be the perfect education gift for any child or classroom.

As you grow your bee food flowering plants in the included recycled coffee cups, its super easy to grow them on your balcony or in any location around your garden, property, office or school.

Can you spot the Queen bee in the video below?

Multimedia Source: A healthy bee hive at the Hungry Bee apiary in Orange NSW. These dark bees are Carniolan honey bees.

*This kit has been put together at the Byron Bay Herb Nursery. Both the Byron Bay Herb Nursery and Life Cykel are based in Byron Bay and have teamed up to promote, educate and improve the health of bees.

A percentage of the profits go to the Beemunity Research to find a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder which is impacting bees globally.