Roo Tail Long Lasting Dog Chew x 8 - Great for Dental Hygiene


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Dogs love Kangaroo (Roo) Tails and the good thing is they are very healthy for dogs.

If you are looking for a longer lasting dog treat that is naturally dehydrated and preservative free, Roo Tails are the answer. Our Roo Tails are dehydrated at the optimal temperature to maintain the best flavour for your best friend. Roo Tails are also a natural teeth cleaner and assist with dental hygiene.

Also, our Roo Tail dog treats are Australian.. of course they are :)

  • Naturally Dehydrated 
  • Preservative Free 
  • Filler and Colour Free
  • Great for Dental Hygiene - Cleans Teeth and Gums
  • Longer Lasting Chew
  • Popular Dog Treat 
  • Lean Meat - Low Fat
  • Dehydrated Meat & Bone 
  • Provides Time Entertainment 

Take a look at Caesar the great Leonberger enjoying his Roo Tail treat!

 *We recommend you feed your dog Roo Tails outdoor as they tend to crumble and be messy, although you wouldn't notice because your dog will vacuum clean every crumb.