BeerDog's Bitter 330ml Dog Beer



It’s called ‘Nectar of the Dogs’ for good reason!

  • Now in plastic bottles
  • Order 12 for a carton of beer - BeerDog's Bitter that is! 

BeerDog's Bitter use only premium quality, human grade ingredients, to give your dog the best tasting, most authentic beer experience possible.

– 100% AQIS certified Australian beef

– Ebony Malt, milled from choice 2-row English Barley

All natural and 100% safe for your dog

– No alcohol, no hops

– Preservative free, with a gentle carbonation

Packaged for dogs

– Available in re-sealable 330ml plastic bottles (A carton contains 12 bottles)

– Swirl gently before opening to release sediment and pour the perfect head

– Refrigerate for up to 3 days after opening


Don't ever let your dog drink and drive.....


Ingredients and safety

What’s in BeerDog’s Bitter?

Not exactly 7 secret herbs and spices, but we’re still keeping our recipe under wraps.  But since you asked nicely, ingredients include a premium 100% beef stock, malted barley and filtered water.  There are no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.

Is it safe for my dog?

We’ve spent hours, days, weeks, and months perfecting a recipe that’s completely safe for dogs.  Unlike “human beer” which is generally alcoholic, BeerDog’s Bitter is alcohol free and doesn’t contain hops which can be toxic to dogs.  It’s carbonated to a low (safe) level to give that real-beer experience when the bottle’s opened – but low enough to avoid bloat in dogs when its consumed in moderation.  BeerDog’s Bitter is all natural and free from preservatives.

What about salt?

BeerDog’s Bitter contains just under the general sodium levels used in many dog foods (0.06%).  And even though we humans get stressed about too much sodium in our diets (like high blood pressure), there’s no clear evidence that sodium has a negative effect in dogs.  Excess sodium doesn’t really occur in pets as it’s filtered through the kidneys and excreted in the urine, so long as the dog has access to acceptable levels of hydration.

Are there any health benefits?

Not really… like human craft beer, we’ve developed BeerDog’s Bitter purely for enjoyment.   Whoever grabbed a 6-pack with the idea in mind of improving eyesight or eliminating dandruff?  But having said that

It’s an alternative to their regular water as a hydration source, especially important on hot days.

Malt barley is a natural sweetener that’s high in B-Vitamins

Frozen in small ice-cube trays, it’s a great way to help puppies cut their new teeth

How much BeerDog’s Bitter can my dog drink?

Everything in moderation.  We recommend limiting small / medium dogs to half a BeerDog’s Bitter per day; and medium / large dogs to a full bottle per day.  It should be served as a supplement, not a replacement, to their regular drinking water.

Can I drink it?

Bingo… you’ve asked the most popular question we get – strangely!  Every ingredient used in BeerDog’s Bitter, and the manufacturing process, is of human-grade.  Why you’d want to drink it, we won’t ask!

How to Serve BeerDog’s Bitter

Does it need to be refrigerated?

No, it’s up to your dog how he or she likes their beer.  But we all know, there’s nothing better than a coldie on a hot day to refresh the senses.

However, while most big dogs will drink a full bottle in one go, if your dog only drinks part of a bottle, you should put it in the fridge once it’s opened.

How long will it last after I open it?

As long as it’s in the fridge, you’re good to keep using it for up to 3 days.  Probably longer, but we want your dog to have the freshest beer experience they can.

What should my dog drink it from?

Only the most sophisticated of dogs will be able to drink from the bottle – our packaging is more about the real-beer experience than as a consumption method.  We recommend pouring BeerDog’s Bitter into a saucer or drinking bowl.

Any serving tips?

Make sure the bowl you use is different to your dog’s regular water or food bowl, so they get to know the difference.

Serve away from their regular dining area and outside of meal times – ideally when you’re relaxing with a drink of your own

Don’t serve over dry food; it’ll only mix up the flavours and turn to mush (when was the last time you poured beer over your hot chips as a treat?)

Try freezing into ice-cube trays for extra hot days, or to soothe puppies’ gums when they’re teething.

Don’t serve it at regular meal times or instead of food – think like a human and serve as a refreshment after exercise, on a hot day, or as an in-between-meals drink.

Don’t shake it up, but tip it up gently before pouring to release the flavour.

What’s the sediment on the bottom?

 Like any hearty-flavoured beer, some of the ingredients will settle after bottling.   We recommend tipping the bottle gently (not shaking the shit out of it) before you serve it, to release the finer sediment into the brew.

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