EnsoPet Kit


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EnsoPet is an innovative inground composting system, specifically designed for composting pet waste easily and hygienically. Composting all pet waste including dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig, EnsoPet keeps your yard free of pet waste, preventing it ending up in land fill and returning carbon to the soil, rebuilding the soil on a microbial level.

EnsoPet has been praised by our customers as the best solution to compost pet poop, especially dog and cat poop. The EnsoPet pet waste composting system comprises of the EnsoPet Composter Unit and EnsoPet Starter. The system's sustainability and ease of use makes it one of the most eco-friendly products for pet owners and best gifts for dog and cat lovers.
  • Product designed in Australia 
  • Compost Dog, Cat, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Waste
  • EnsoPet is made from Recycled Product (4 x plastic sides and lid)
  • Kit contains everything you need to get started: Including the EnsoPet Kit, Lid, Starter 1kg, Tongs and Instructions.
Installing EnsoPet is Easy
  1. Select a spot in your garden away from edible food and phosphorus sensitive native plants
  2. Dig a hole 40cm deep and 40cm wide
  3. Place your EnsoPet Composter into the hole, so that only the lid is sitting above ground
  4. Fill in the soil around the outside of the EnsoPet composter
  5. Place the tongs near the EnsoPet composter to aid in waste collection

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